Together, we can implement the solutions needed to improve Florida!

“If you’re not part of the Solution 

You’re part of the Problem”

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Preparing our children for success in adulthood starts by guaranteeing them a quality education, from Pre-K to high school. This means increasing per pupil spending in our public schools, which would provide cutting edge technology in every classroom, updated textbooks, and fund the full range of arts and music programs in community schools. Quality education includes increasing teacher pay. To ensure our students have the best teachers we must pay them accordingly. Florida’s annual budget does not prioritize public education. Once elected, Mincy will always put Florida’s children first by prioritizing a fully and equitably funded public education system.


  • Advocate for equitable resources for Public Schools in all Zip Codes.

  • Support raises for teachers and support personnel. 

  • Advocate to fund arts programs, technical skills training initiatives in public schools.

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Affordable Housing

Florida’s affordable housing crisis has spiraled out of control, leaving too many across the state struggling to pay their rent or mortgage and manage the costs of living. Mincy believes that the first step towards funding sources for Affordable Housing.

  • Make affordable housing a budgetary priority in the House of Representatives. 

  • Create relationships with County and Municipal Governments working to find solutions to the two decade issue of decreasing financial support from the state. 


Economic Development

Florida’s economy is heavily reliant on the tourism, hospitality, and manufacturing industries where wages trend lower and benefits are often scarce for employees. Creating an economy that works for working people means offering them the opportunities they need to succeed while also creating an environment that encourages new businesses to put down roots in Duval County. Mincy will push for job training for those looking to secure a position in a new industry that pays better wages, assist his constituents in garnering financial assistance for those looking to start their own businesses within their communities, while simultaneously attracting new business and partners who will invest in the community around their businesses. 


  • Bring representative businesses to the neighborhoods in which they operate to hire and invest in their surrounding community. 

  • Partner with Business and Vendors to provide job training in District 13.



According to the Florida Chamber of Commerce, Florida is ranked #41 for overall health care among 50 states + the District of Columbia. More than 2.8 million(13.2 %)(343,000 children) Floridians are without any form of health insurance coverage.. 


  • Advocate for Medicaid Expansion via the Affordable Care Act

  • Engage with healthcare organizations to provide wellness checks and provide services for underserved constituencies in district 13