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Affordable Housing 

  • Advocate for outreach funding that would educate Floridians on available home ownership and rental assistance.

  • Propose legislation to review the Sadowsky fund,  ensuring the fund has a dedicated revenue source with  funds that are available to local governments for rental/mortgage assistance.​​

  • Initiate legislation to expedite the coding of state properties, changing them to  residential codes – resulting in more affordable housing properties. 


  • Present  legislation to raise teachers' salaries and make Florida’s education system an attractive place to work. 

  • Champion legislation that would provide more funding for operational, personal and capital improvements in all Florida educational institutions  

  • Ensure our facilities are modernized, safe, and are constantly improving to ensure an exceptional educational experience.

Economic Development

  • Ensure Florida’s economy is balanced, safe, and progressing.


  • Work with private and public sectors to expand their capacities while creating high paying jobs.

  • Guarantee funding to organizations and institutions for job and technical training.

  • Support and edify our local and small businesses.


  • Champion legislation to expand medicaid. 

  • Provide adequate funding to conduct research and provide top notch healthcare services. 

  • Work to provide fair and equitable healthcare to all.

  • Create educational programs that provide everyone with information they need to enable them to make informed and quality decisions regarding their healthcare needs.

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